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I remember rushing into the store in early 2002 and buying Jennifer Knapp's cd titled, "The Way I Am." Eagerly opening the wrapping and carefully placing the cd into my cd player, I listened to it on repeat for hours while in the car. The notes she played planted a seed in me and I began dreaming singing and playing songs as real as she did. I wanted to write and sing words that were full of meaning, value, hope, and freedom. Although Jennifer Knapp has been absent from the music scene a few years, she still lives on through all the girls she has inspired to pick up a guitar and learn to express themselves through music.

I have written around 30 songs to date, all laced with invigorating feelings, expressive language, and diverse styles. I taught myself guitar and wrote my first song called, "Homesick." I don't seek fame or fortune through my music. Because I am more focused on my studies, I don't get a lot of time to write or record as much now. However, I plan to never lay down my guitar or this gift God has given me :)