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Let This Find You
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Verse 1:
The last time I saw you
It was cold, it was dark
And it was years ago

Now all these things
You try to hide, you try to fake
So it doesn't show

Wherever you are
Let this find you
Wherever you are

I know I cannot change a thing
But still I try
And there's a part of me that's missing
And you're the reason why
'Cause where you are you'll find me too

Verse 2:
You're searching for something
You can't buy and I can't give
But we try anyway

Now we spend our time
Holding on and letting go
But it's all the same

Every note that I play
It's played for you
Every word that I say
It's said for you
And every breath that I take
Is filled with hopes of finding you
'Cause where you are you'll find me too

Copyright: Amelia Conway, September 2009