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Picture Perfect

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Verse 1:
A moment in time,
Just a fragment of your mind
In a photograph proudly displayed
You and I,
We've got something more than meets the eye
And that's one thing time can't fade
Picture perfect moments are captured in our hearts,
But I'm hoping that this camera can do its part
Wait, hold your pose
I wanna live this moment with you
Before the shutters close
Wait, please don't go
I feel alive right next to you
As these lights explode
Verse 2:
Can you define
The words and phrases we design
When a sound has not been made
Let me confide
These hopes and dreams that you revived
In a heart that you helped save
They say they're worth a thousand words
But I only want your name
'Cause to me, it's just not the same
And if the picture held no colors
It wouldn't take away the memories
Of how we spent that day... of how we spend today
Copyright: Amelia Conway, September 8, 2008

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