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Desert Painting
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A swift, circular wipe of harsh red portrays the sun
Angrily it beats down, casting little shadow
A massive fireball in the sky, brings life to all
Smooth yet choking yellow sand swallows whole
Each grain laid and thrown in its place
One of most exotic carpets of nature
Dabs of dry green cactus fills empty landscape for miles
Standing high above sand, motionless, fearless
It pricks against meaningless space, a statue of remembrance
Vertical motions of surrounding brown control structured buttes
Watching over, like tall sky scrapers piercing through the sky
Towering prideful and proud, a tourniquet to shelter
Quick, easy swipe of shadowing black to be scorpion
Small, barely visible; looks can be so decieveing
Hunting, searching, needing, taking over; hate fuels its pain
Written: June 19, 2003