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God of Mysterium
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The only one who can hear my screams,
Who understand my dreams.
Can I even begin to comprehend Your ways?
I lay all before You the rest of my days.
Life is a path, death a destination,
As my heart beats, my mind is left in hesitation.
Please save me from my rage,
You are the key to my cage.
Your love goes vast beyond all measure,
Can you forgive me of all my guilty pleasure?
Cracked Your back on a slab of wood,
Yuo brought fredom when no one else could.
Your love is what keeps me alive,
In You, why survive when I can thrive?
I can't escape Your passion, energy power,
From which justice seems to shower.
A small voice that whispers softly in my ears,
I will trust You throught all of my years.
Written: July 5, 2003