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Show Me You're Different
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Verse 1:
I bet you're nice, I bet you're smart
And I guarantee that you're handsome
I bet you're sweet, I bet you're thoughtful
And when I talk you would listen
But when it comes down to it
These things don't matter, they don't matter
Show me you're different from all those other guys
That you mean what you say and those lines haven't been rehearsed
Show me you're different no excuses or lies
That all of those girls were nothing and I'm the first
Verse 2:
I bet you can sing and play guitar
And write a song to win me over
I bet you're strong, I bet you're funny
And you'd know what to say to make me smile
Show me you're real
Show me you feel what I feel
Show me, show me, show me
Copyright: Amelia Conway, 2008

Listen to this song here on my purevolume page!