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Where You Are

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Verse 1:
Something's different, something's wrong
And it's been broken all along
And I'm starting to believe... it's me
This is normal this is strange
This is an unexpected change
And my heart's in pain
I won't be the same
If this is my only wish to make
If this is my last breath to take
I just wanna know where you are
If you could hear me when I pray
If you could know my thoughts all day
I just wanna know where you are
Verse 2:
You are distant, you are far
I think I've lost who you are
Come back to me... please

I am hurting, I am numb
I need your phone call to come
And rescure me, to set me free
And it's hard to let go
And I'm starting to show
That it's hard to hold on
When what you've got is gone
You're gone...
Copyright: Amelia Conway, August 2006