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The mini adventures of: Bipsey The Clown (part 2)
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Bipsey the sad clown

One day Bipsey decided to take his pet walrus for a walk. So Bipsey took Mipsey and headed toward the Hard Pillow Park. While staring at little kids and wondering about the abyss of nothingness, Mipsey suddenly took off running! Bipsey watched his pet walrus gallop and fade into the distance.
"Hm...," Bipsey said allowed. "I wonder how many ways you can make change for a dollar?"
As Bipsey got in line to buy cotton candy, he noticed a poor little boy crying in the shadows clutching an empty twinkie box. Feeling compelled to do something for the little boy, he snatched the empty twinkie box from him and ripped it up and threw the shreds in the boy's tear stained face.
"How do you like that!?" Bipsey screamed hysterically. Murmuring something about dirty tile floors, Bipsey went back home.
"Ah, I always enjoy a good day at the park," he said as he answered the knock at his door.
"Is this your pet walrus?" an older man asked as she pointed at the tags from the collar around the walrus' neck that read:
This is Mipsey. If found please return to Bipsey at NY, NY 1888
"No," Bipsey said distressed and slammed to door in his face.
"I hate it when those girl scouts try to sell me those cookies!"
The End
...Oh, by the way, there are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.