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The mini adventures of: Bipsey The Clown (part 1)
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Bipsey the sad clown

It's strange how one day you're restoring ancient artifacts and the next you're baking yam bread. Well, that's not what happened to Bipsey at all. Actually, Bipsey doesn't even know what yams are. But he likes Laffy Taffy. There was this one time he went to the beach and every one stared at him because his belt didn't match his yellow, red poke-a-dotted 3 piece suit and purple shoes. People can be so weird. I mean, come on, brown goes with anything! And there was this one time he went to the park. Oh, and the other day he went to an anti-clown convention to pass out free shoe laces for the kids. That was the last time I ever him though. I wonder what yam bread tastes like...
To be continued....