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Uncaged Bird
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If I could fly,
I would fly away from here.
I would embrace my wings like life.
Soaring high above my accomplishments,
The sun rays dance like dissolving failures on my feathers.
Expanding, exploring, exciting,
I'd find everything I need within my clouds of solitude.
Safe, secure, solace,
I'd bask in the light of a numbing comfort,
A decieving complaceny.

If I could fly,
I would fly far away from here.
I would patrol oceans and their mysterious wonders.
I would sweep through the dying desets and listen for the howls of the thirsty wind.
Like the grasping of water,
I will seek my true inspiration.
I'd drift down streams,
float through waterfalls,
race on top of forest canopies,
And reach reflections in volcanoes.

If I could fly,
I would fly far, far away from here.
Like an uncaged bird,
I would dissapate into the creamy horizon.
Within this containing nest,
I've been dreaming about the second and third,
While I haven't understood the first.
So as I stretch my wings,
I take flight into my uncertain future.