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Is It Worth It?
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Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it?

When in a world that shows how it’s supposed to be,
Then who is the supposer?

All the ads, commercials, phrases, and slogans can never take away the pain.

Things are coming down,

It’s becoming clear finally.

Can you smell the polluted air?

The contaminated water carries only soft whispers of death.

It’s so thin here,

I can taste the thick emptiness inside.

Fullness is poison to my mind,

Wholeness to my soul.

How can I be so overwhelmed by something that isn’t even there?

I’m smothering in my own thoughts,

Drowning in my own tears.

This fire’s growing dim now,

Small shadows creep where huge pillars once stood.

Where’s that feeling that I don’t feel?

This hostage is accepting it’s captor with arms wide open.

How can I be best friends with silence now?

It betrays me every time a secret is kept.

What’s that hollow beating?

Its faint rhythm slows every moment I catch a breath.

My feet have worn a place in what has become my destiny.

A small cruel box,

On which I stand before my own audience of one.

No applaud, no encore.

Just a disappointed accomplishment has been made here.

Sharing the weight,

It’s more than any hero could ever bear.

You’re as faithful and ambitious as I was,

As empty and afraid as I am.

I’m perfectly safe in this danger zone.

My lies echo every pound,

Every pound reflects lies.

Where did this start?

When does this end?

I’m becoming it,
It’s becoming me.

Is it worth it?

When in a world that knows how it’s supposed to be,

Then why am I supposing it?