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The Cross I Bear
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I break from my old self and step into You.
Yet I struggle with the vile fleshly lusts.
Old habits still penetrate the brink of my conscience.
How can I tame this unruly desire?
It rises war against my soul,
Which I have battled with for so long.
Over and over,
Again and again.
And every time You bleach my sins with the blood of the Lamb.
I'm tired of this repeated emptiness and have found no other substitute,
So I lay down all I have and pick up my daily cross.
I pray for You to give me strength to override these sinful urges.
You infiltrate my heart and execute every trace of my unfocused past.
Engulfing me in Your presence;
You cleanse my soul and set me on the narrow path.
Healing, delivering, saving,
You are even more faithful than knowing the world will spin.
Restored, reformed, remodeled,
Take everything and make me Yours.
Breathing You in transforms my rebellion into understanding.
You're like a fire in my bones,
Burning, consuming, destroying all evil intentions.
You splinter me and reconstruct my thoughts.
My desolation ends with absolution in You,
I am less and You are more.