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Into The Storm
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Leaves dance around me as it immenses,
A huge, dark, towering sky fills the world.
Violence whispers in my ear.
The wind fueled by rage,
Pushes and punches me to run away.
Lightning searchers, feels, consumes the ground.
Its shallow heart brightens the nation.
The bolt vanishes with a deep cry from dismal.
Thick, black, smoldering clouds rapidly approach,
Covering all that it can.
Suddenly a collision is painted,
Clashing of thunder, wind tearing through the beating rain.
Drops of liquid crash into my soul,
The pulse of the bombardment.
Then I look up into the heavens,
All is calm, smooth, graceful, flowing.
Cradled by its passion,
The eye holds the beauty.
Soft, gentle strokes tease my hair playfully.
Angered by the moment of the movement,
Power returns to its mercy.
Caught in a whirlwind of fury,
Energy swirls around me in wrath.
Thrashing, cutting, screaming,
It surges in and out of my life.
Bored of my dread,
It abandons me.
Departing me barren, torn, broken, and destroyed,
It leaves as easily as it came.