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Broken Heartbeat
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Can't you hear my broken heartbeat?
It reigns silent agony over my soul.
I cry out from the ashes,
Which longs for deliverance.
Burned with shame and betrayal.
You held my heart in your hands,
And you watched it fall,
Shattering into an endless ocean of me.
Depression is so useless a word to portray how I feel.
So numb from the insecurities,
Feeling, breathing, thinking of nothing other than that day.
My body desires to be secluded from this atmosphere,
Polluted with the thought of you.
Swallowed by your deceiving words,
I am so empty.
Everything I thought was invincible is falling through so easily.
Your words haunt me, eat me away, destroy my sanity.
Echoing in my brain,
It finds my tears and opens the floodgate.
Rushing out, pouring out, puddles of pain reflect my sad reflection.
Wanting so desperately to be released of my own prison.
And you,
You poisoned my trust, my love, myself.
Stabbed with the blinding pain of friendship,
It courses through my veins, a constant reminder of coldness.
Leaving me to die,
You stand back and watch as if nothing happened.
Egressing a scar on my very marrow,
I still forgive you with all of my heart.