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Broken Heartbeat

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Verse 1:
I poured my heart out to you o
nly to be rejected
It was just a trap to break me
And what a fine job you did
And I fall to the floor
I can't hold back the tears anymore
You held me heart in your hands
And you let it go to see it fall
Can't you hear my Broken Heartbeat?
You stand back and watch as if nothing ever happened
My heart has come undone (just for you)
Verse 2:
God won't let me go through anything I can't bear
And through my friends He is here
He will always care
And I've chose to forgive
Though it'll be hard to go on a live
And I've learned a new lesson now
I know it was worth it all
Repeat last phrase of verse 2, then do Chorus
Copyright: Amelia Conway, July 2003